BMBFC is Entrusted by the VFW

Welcome VFW members, loved ones, and others affected by the toxic water contamination at Camp Lejeune.  

We are honored to be entrusted by the VFW to provide legal representation to veterans and their families for injuries caused by the toxic water at Camp Lejeune. Anyone who served, lived, or worked at Camp Lejeune between 1953-1987 may have been exposed to dangerous chemicals linked to serious illnesses.  

Our lawyers specialize in environmental mass tort litigation with a focus on groundwater contamination so we will not hand you off to another firm for litigation of your claim. If you entrust us for your representation, you will establish a relationship with your attorney and will communicate with them every step of the way. As part of our commitment to doing right by those who have served our country, you and your family will not pay any up-front costs or fees, and the contingency fee paid to us from any award will be 25%. Importantly, before any award is accepted, BMBFC will determine if any offset will detrimentally affect your VA benefits. If it does not make sense for YOU, turn down the award, nothing changes with your VA benefits, and you do not pay us anything.

We have formed and are working alongside a Military Advisory Board made up of veterans who understand the military community and are committed to ensuring affected veterans and their families are protected and not taken advantage of. We have also created a Medical Advisory Board of highly experienced oncologists and other specialists to ensure we provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Read the VFW’s announcement of our collaboration

BMBFC Military Advisory Board Chair

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Jason E. Johns

Johns Law Office, LLC

JASON E. JOHNS is a Past State Commander for the VFW Department of Wisconsin and serves on the VFW’s National Legislative Committee. He is an Iraq War veteran (Army), Purple Heart recipient, and was awarded the Combat Action Badge. He has dedicated his civilian career to advocating for his fellow veterans in the legislative, legal, and nonprofit realms. He is a former deputy secretary for the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, National Judge Advocate for the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and President of the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Bar Association.

Jason is the Vice President of Corporate & Community Relations/General Counsel for the Center for Veterans Issues, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides transitional & permanent housing assistance and supportive services for veterans. He is also a VA accredited attorney who has focused his legal practice on representing veterans with their VA disability & compensation benefits appeals.

BMBFC Medical Advisory Board Chair

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Dr. Craig H. Llewellyn


CRAIG H. LLEWELLYN, M.D. M.P.H., MSTMH, FACPM, Col. Medical Corps, U.S. Army (Ret.) is an epidemiologist with extensive experience in how exposure to contaminants affects the health of our military and veterans. He served for over two decades, including a 16-month Army Special forces combat tour in Vietnam, and has earned numerous commendations and service badges, highest among them being the Distinguished Service Medal, the highest non-combat decoration in the military. He has also served as a consultant to the Surgeon General of the U.S. Army and continues to offer his expertise to other national and international agencies and organizations, including Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) for law enforcement agencies and medical support for military special operations forces. He is a graduate of Yale University Medical School and Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Our Team

At BMBFC, we have an experienced environmental litigation team involved in the leadership in this case, where we will be at the forefront of decision-making and doing the real work, not just gathering cases to pass off to other attorneys.

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Philip C. Federico


Phil Federico is a partner at BMBFC and leads the Mass Tort / Class Action and Environmental Law practices. Phil has been invited by Ed Bell to work on leadership for this case and selected by the America Association for Justice to help lead a webinar on the specifics of how to navigate Camp Lejeune litigation. Phil has been involved in historic litigation with verdicts and settlements totaling over a billion dollars, including as co-lead counsel in a landmark environmental case against the chicken processing plant, Mountaire.

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Chase T. Brockstedt


Chase Brockstedt is the lead partner of BMBFC's injury litigation department and has served as leadership in trailblazing environmental cases, including as co-lead counsel in the case against Mountaire to reach a $205 million settlement. In addition to environmental experience, Chase has substantial experience navigating personal injury claims, dealing with complicated health care issues, and winning several multi-million-dollar recoveries in damages for pain, suffering, and permanent injuries.

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Brent Ceryes


Brent Ceryes is a partner at BMBFC who focuses on environmental law, personal injury, and healthcare litigation. Brent's experience litigating complex environmental and personal injury cases will enable him to help guide significant decisions in the litigation. He has served as class counsel in the landmark environmental case against Mountaire and as counsel on large class action cases against health care providers, including $123 million and $190 million settlements.

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Matthew P. Legg


Matthew P. Legg is an attorney at BMBFC representing clients in a variety of mass tort and class action matters. He has worked in critical roles on behalf of individuals exposed to toxic chemicals from groundwater pollution, including in the $205 settlement for people harmed by chicken processing plant, Mountaire. A rising star in litigation, Matthew has been named a Super Lawyers’ Rising Star for the past two years and to the National Trial Lawyer’s top 40 under 40 list for three years in a row.

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Catherine M. Cramer


Catherine M. Cramer is an accomplished litigator at BMBFC on the Mass Tort and Environmental Litigation team. She has worked on environmental cases with large landmark settlements, including recent work on a team that obtained a $205 million class action settlement for groundwater contamination claims. Catherine was also recently named a Super Lawyer Rising Star in 2022.

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Bruce Poole, Esq


Bruce Poole, Esq. of Poole Law Group has been representing clients and trying cases for over 36 years. In civil litigation, Bruce has represented Marines under dire circumstances in several cases and prevailed. These Marines are available to serve as a reference upon request. He has been named by The National Trial Lawyers to the Top 100 Civil Trial Attorneys’ List and, in 2017, received a lifetime achievement membership in America’s Top 100 Attorneys.

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Janet Ward Black


Janet Ward Black of Ward Black Law has represented more than 2,000 men and women with diseases caused by environmental hazards in North Carolina federal and state courts. She has been named in “Best Lawyers in America” by US News & World Report for 17 consecutive years. Her award-winning NC firm has 25 lawyers and staff members, including retired Marine gunnery sergeant Elliott Shaffer, who served at Lejeune and is the firm’s key contact for Lejeune clients. The firm has also served as the Marine Corps “Toys for Tots” kick-off location in North Carolina’s Triad for the last 14 years.

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Anabel Rosa


Anabel Rosa has more than 25 years of experience representing injured people and advocating for the Hispanic-Latino community in North Carolina, New York, New Jersey, and in her home jurisdiction of Puerto Rico. She has a long record of public service and is a member of Governor Roy Cooper's Hispanic Latino Council, where she currently serves as a parliamentary clerk and heads the Public Safety subcommittee. Coming from a family of service members who served in the Army, Navy and Merchant Marine forces, she is dedicated to using her legal experience to serve veterans.

How To Seek Justice

If you or someone you know lived or worked at Camp Lejeune for at least 30 days between 1953-1987 and would like to contact our experienced team of lawyers to help you with a free case evaluation, please complete the form.

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